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Innovative nebulizer for horses

Flexineb® Medicatie Cup – Grijs E2 en E3

Directly into the lungs

Nebulize medication and/or liquids. The microparticles are absorbed into the posterior airways.


Equine Astma

In chronic respiratory problems, the Flexineb can help to drain mucus and reduce inflammation.


Horse & Pony

Different sizes and the flexible mask make the Flexineb suitable for every horse, pony and foal.


Silent & wireless

Nebulize while saddle-up, during a walk or while lunging. You have complete freedom with the Flexineb.

Flexineb nebulizer

The Flexineb makes it easy to nebulize your horse's medication or liquid on a daily basis.

Everything about the Flexineb

Purchase the Flexineb

When you buy the Complete System you have everything you need to get started with the nebulization. It is important to determine the size of the mask first.

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