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"Since I started using the Flexineb, I can keep his dust allergy under control."

Bianca, Flexineb Nederland

Versatile and easy to use

I was already familiar with the Flexineb from VVDB Netherlands. A good time to test the mask ourself, because Buck has become more sensitive to dust over the years.

For Buck, the Flexineb is now the most normal thing in the world. I often use it before riding and then nebulize it with Immunosan or saline.

Official importer for the Netherlands and Belgium

The Flexineb is manufactured in Galway, Ireland by Nortev LTD. Since the start in 2008, the Flexineb has received various innovation awards. The Flexineb is known worldwide and is distributed all over the world. We are the official importer for the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition, we also provide repairs and maintenance to the Flexineb and its accessories.

The Flexineb is easy to use and is also very effective. The mask was created through close collaboration with equine clinics, training centers and engineers. Recently, the new controller E3 has been developed with more features and better user experiences.

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