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First use

Are you going to use the Flexineb for the first time? No worries! Let your horse get used to it and the use will be self-explanatory. Do you have questions? Contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Read the manual carefully before use. When using the Flexineb® for the first time, remember that this is also the horse’s first time, so be careful.

Place the Flexineb® gently over the horse’s nose and mouth with the lower outlet valve open. In this way the horse can breathe normally. Push the mask up until the nostrils are covered and a seal is created around the nose and mouth. As soon as the horse is breathing normally and is used to the Flexineb®, you close the outlet valve again and the treatment can be started.

Take your time

If the horse resists the mask, be patient and let it look and smell it before trying again to try on the mask. If the horse starts to feel scared during treatment, open the exhaust valve to allow more air to be inhaled. Close the valve again as soon as the horse is relaxed.

In an emergency, the outlet valve at the bottom of the mask can be pulled out to allow the horse to breathe freely.

Although the mask material is soft and flexible, the front nebulizer chamber and battery controller are made of hard plastic, so be aware of the risks when the horse shakes its head with the Flexineb® at the head.

Parino nebulizing for the first time

Esra de Ruiter’s horse Parino suffered from dust allergies, as does Nikki’s haflinger Kyra. In this video they are wearing the Flexineb for the first time and you can clearly see which steps we go through. From minute 6 we unpack the Flexineb.

Casmir nebulizing for the first time

Flexineb visited Stephanie & Daniëlle van de Arkelhoeve. We clearly show all steps from unpacking to cleaning.

What to nebulize with?

In the above examples, we nebulized with saline for the first time. There are various liquids suitable for use in the Medicatiecup, a selection can be found in our webshop. Nebulizing with medication? Discuss the options with the vet.

Nebulize liquids
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