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Flexineb is often used for respiratory diseases, to administer medication or to optimize training.

Developed in Ireland with the help of Irish and international vets, trainers and owners, it is ideal for a number of problems such as: EQUINE ASTHMA, RAO (heaves), EIPH (pulmonary bleeding), as well as prior to training to optimize the airways, after training to support the lungs in recovery, seasonal coughs and runny noses during the winter when they are more stabled.

Respiratory disease is both a common and a serious problem in horses. They are generally divided into lower (i.e., lung) airways and upper (i.e., nose, throat, and trachea) airways disorders. These diseases can be chronic, short-term, contagious and difficult to diagnose.

Equine respiratory diseases combined are the No. 1 athletic performance inhibitor in equine competition for both the professional and recreational rider. Respiratory diseases affect both the youngest and oldest horses, some of these diseases can have high mortality rates and affect a horse’s age.

Flexineb nebulizer

The Flexineb makes it easy to nebulize your horse's medication or liquid on a daily basis.

Features and benefits

Mobile & silent

The Flexineb nebulizer is a mobile, battery-operated nebulizer device without tubes. This gives you the ability to nebulize almost anywhere.

For example, the horse can be treated while moving (e.g. when walking by hand or lunging slowly), if the horse is relaxed and these types of applications can be performed without any problems. Always consult your vet in case of acute respiratory disorders!

The Flexineb works almost silently. This minimizes startling the horse when nebulizing. Flexineb is a robustly designed product that does not break easily. It fits comfortably and does not require any pipes, hoses or compressors (no gas or air).

Medication cup

The Flexineb works via the so-called piezo effect. Here, the atomized liquid is mechanically sifted through a vibrating membrane (similar to sugar, which is atomized through a sieve into powdered sugar). This produces a fine mist with an optimal particle yield, which in the best case can reach the smallest lung zones to take effect there (71% of the mist particles have a particle size of less than 5my, 39% between 2 and 5my, 23, 75% between 1 and 2my).

Read more about nebulization

Flexible masks for more comfort

The mask is made of flexible plastic and can thus be placed easily and painlessly over the nostrils and then adapts optimally to the horse's head, without pressing.

Various colors and sizes
The Flexineb comes in 3 different colors (blue, green and pink) and fits the head of every horse. There is a suitable size for foals and Mini Shetlanders, Warmbloods and Coldbloods.

Easy operation and cleaning
In order to be able to use and clean as quickly and easily as possible, the Flexineb consists of separate parts that can be easily taken apart.

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Years of research and development

We are constantly striving for improvement and therefore innovate the Flexineb and the product details with the latest findings, in order to offer our customers maximum quality.

The Flexineb is easy to use and is also very effective. The mask was created through close collaboration with equine clinics, training centers and engineers. Recently, the new controller E3 has been developed with more features and better user experiences.

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When you buy the Complete System you have everything you need to get started with the nebulization. It is important to determine the size of the mask first.

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Contents Complete System Box

The complete system includes:
• stable transport box,
• Standard mask in blue, green or pink.
• newest control unit / controller incl. battery,
• 2 medication cups,
• extension unit for 20 ml more medication,
• MDI adapter for pump sprays,
• power cable,
• 500 ml distilled water (for cleaning the nebulizer),
• 500 ml saline 0.9%,
• Frosch cleaner.

The medication cup is, in addition to the battery, a wear part and must always be replaced, depending on the amount of nebulization and the frequency of use.

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