Less medication thanks to the Flexineb

Minder medicatie door de Flexineb

My KWPN mare has had recurring respiratory problems for several years now. Mainly in winter due to dust, but also spring and summer became an increasing problem due to pollen hypersensitivity. The well-known medication in syrup form was not always enough to get her through the difficult periods, which also meant that more intense medication had to be used.

Cough and mucus free
I started the Flexineb when she was having a bad period. Without the use of medication and only by nebulizing saline daily, she became cough and phlegm free again. Pollen have much less influence on her since using the Flexineb. Her breathing recovers much faster with labor and she is much calmer with her head.

Although my mare is not the easiest with strange things, especially not in her head, she accepted the Flexineb very quickly. Partly because the Flexineb is so quiet.

Helpful routine
In the beginning it took a while to find a handy routine, but now “Flexinebing” is just as integrated into the daily routine as scraping the hooves. The battery lasts a long time and all the necessities fit conveniently in the case in which the Flexineb is delivered.

In the first months of use, the Flexineb has already convinced me, and our first winter with the Flexineb is yet to come. The purchase is an investment, but I am convinced that it will pay for itself through the savings on veterinary visits and medication. But what is in the first place is that you can prevent complaints in your horse instead of having to cure it; and that is priceless.

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