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BioPlus Capsules 3 months

BioPlus for Horses, supports immune related allergic diseases

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Allergies such as Sweet-Itch is a debilitating and in severe cases potentially fatal condition, which for some horses is a lifelong misery for which conventional treatments range from inadequate to ineffective. BioPlus presents the horse with a natural challenge to its immune system, allowing it to treat itself effectively. After many years of scientific research, including a 2008 Sweet-Itch Center trial involving 135 horses, it was found that in most cases there were improvements between 20% and 80% and only 4.4% did not respond at all. Studies in 2007, 2009 and 2011 have produced similar results.

After many years of dedicated scientific research into immune system function, BioEos’ scientific advisors have successfully identified and produced a range of bioproteins derived from cultures of selected bacteria of the aerobic genera Actinomycetales.

Give one capsule weekly with a small handful of food.

BioPlus capsules contain 2 mg BE-T101, an EU approved bioprotein for animal use under FEFAC code EN-01462/3 plus 68 mg beta-glucan 1.3-1.6 FEFAC code EN-05227, <0.45 mg zinc oxide, in a disaccharide excipient & < 0.45 mg sipernat in a gelatin capsule shell from non-animal sources. There are no reports of virulent factors such as toxins or other side effects.

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