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Frosch Cleaner

Frosch Cleaner

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Tested and approved by the manufacturer of Flexineb®.
The hygienic cleaning power of Frosch is very suitable for the Flexineb®, the medication cup and the mask. Supplied as standard with every complete system from Flexineb Netherlands.

Cleaning the medication cup: 1] Make sure the silicone cap is attached to the connector of the cable. 2] Inject Frosch cleaner into the medication cup 3 times. 3] Close the blue cap and let it soak for a while. 4] Shake the medication cup for a few seconds and then discard the contents. 5] Then add distilled water, shake the medication cup for a few seconds and discard. 6] Then add some distilled water again and let it nebulize for about 10 seconds.

These Medication Cup Cleaning Steps will also dissolve any light oil residue and clean the Medication Cup. PLEASE NOTE, Frosch has no disinfecting effect, it is not a biocide.

Unit: 300 ml ready-to-use spray bottle.

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