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Immuno San Natural Solution 100ml

Immuno San application for inhalation in combination with the Flexineb nebulizer

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Immuno San is an inhalable solution specially formulated to support the respiratory system of horses.

Immuno San contains carefully selected organic essential oils of the highest quality that have been scientifically tested and proven to support the immune system. Immuno San is 100% natural and non-doping and can be used until the day of the competition. Immuno San has been validated by veterinarians.

* Changes in breathing
* Cough
* Snot
* Fatigue
* Long-term recovery after work
* Exposure to dust
* Travel/Transport
* Recovering from a respiratory disease

Immuno San must be nebulized with a nebulizer such as the Flexineb and must not be given orally. Immuno San does not need to be diluted with saline and can be nebulized pure.

Treatment: 5 ml – 2 x daily for 10 days
Maintenance: 5 ml – 1 x daily for 10 days
Race / Race: 5 ml – 1 x daily, 3 days before / 1 x on arrival / 1 x prior competition / race. 1 x daily during events, preferably before work

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


* Do not place in direct sunlight
* Exclusively for use on animals
* Do not take orally
* Keep out of reach of children!

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